I’m so honored to have been included in an interview series via mywithershins. Be sure to stop by to read the rest of the interview and explore one of my favorite blogs!


I apologize for neglecting to post this yesterday. It was all ready to just hit the button, but with everything else going on, I completely forgot. (Sorry, C.B!) Anyway, here is my interview with a fascinating blogger:

Today, I’d like to introduce you all to C.B. Wentworth. You may have seen her name on some of my award posts. I have nominated her for many awards (and I’m not the only one) because she has a beautiful blog and shares her creativity in many ways – through her literary work & poetry, her photography where she gives us a glimpse of her garden & places she has been, as well as her lovely ‘Wreck This Journal’ entries.

Hi, C.B.! Welcome to my blog! Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a writer, artist, crafter, and optimist.  During the day I am a high school teacher, but after the…

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A Chuckle With Simon’s Cat


At work, I am known for sharing a Friday Chuckle.  Being the internet geek I am, I can usually find a funny picture or video to lift everyone’s spirits after what has probably been a very long week, (this is especially true towards the end of a school year).

While playing a little bit on Facebook this week, I came across a new video for Simon’s Cat that I just have to share.  It’s so cute and I hope it will signal the beginning of a great weekend.  Happy Friday!

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Be sure to visit the Simon’s Cat Channel on youtube to see more videos that are just as cute.

On a related note, I discovered is full of hysterical kitties, a fun-loving community and really cute Simon’s Cat merchandise.  I think I may need to get one of these:

Simon’s Cat

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