A Chuckle With Simon’s Cat


At work, I am known for sharing a Friday Chuckle.  Being the internet geek I am, I can usually find a funny picture or video to lift everyone’s spirits after what has probably been a very long week, (this is especially true towards the end of a school year).

While playing a little bit on Facebook this week, I came across a new video for Simon’s Cat that I just have to share.  It’s so cute and I hope it will signal the beginning of a great weekend.  Happy Friday!

– – –

– – –

Be sure to visit the Simon’s Cat Channel on youtube to see more videos that are just as cute.

On a related note, I discovered simonscat.com is full of hysterical kitties, a fun-loving community and really cute Simon’s Cat merchandise.  I think I may need to get one of these:

Simon’s Cat

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c.b.w. 2012


21 thoughts on “A Chuckle With Simon’s Cat

    • I think that’s why I love Simon’s Cat so much – its universal on so many levels. This morning I pulled an unfinished quilt out of the closet and laid it out to see what needed to be done. In less than two seconds, a cat was sprawled out right in the middle of it! Hahaha! 😀


  1. I love this – and it’s so true! It’s impossible to keep windows clean when you have cats in the house – and small children! Both my cat and my grandson like to look out the same window and I’ve given up trying to keep the paw prints, child fingerprints, and nose prints from smudging up the windows. 🙂


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