Poetry Poll #1


In the June status report for my 2012 goals, I created a mini-goal of selecting three poems to submit to Wordrunner eChapbooks.  Not only does this publication have the unique characteristic of accepting previously published material (i.e. blog posts), but they are currently looking for poetry that relates to the word “found.”  Anything goes and they want unique interpretations.

The poetry I’ve posted for my series Sundays In London is rooted in the concept of what we find after a long journey.  Seeing as this is one of the more popular topics on my blog, I thought it would be fun to include my readers in deciding which three poems will be submitted.

Out of more than twenty five poems, I’ve narrowed the field down to sixteen that have the strongest relevance to the theme.  After a little math in my head it comes down to four polls of four poems. The results will help narrow it down to four poems, (it will be a total numbers game), which will then go up for a final vote in a fifth poll. I know it sounds a little tedious, but I’ll space it out over a week and a half so it doesn’t get boring around here!

Ready?  Here we go . . .

Round 1 includes the following poems:

Force of Nature

Peaceful Respite

The Guardians

Moments of Light

Follow the links for a little refresher or a first time read!  Then, cast your vote!

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Thank you! Your vote is very much appreciated!

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c.b.w. 2012


22 thoughts on “Poetry Poll #1

  1. Very cool idea! I LOVE “Force of Nature”! “Something found”???? Huh. Your trip to London, my Supreme Ordeal . . . lots of finding going on . . . I normally only ask if people liked what I read-yes or no. What I sent last night NEEDED to be written. I’m hoping it made sense to someone who isn’t me. Did you understand the connections? Just yes/no is okay 🙂


    • I love how you call it your Supreme Ordeal. 🙂 I spotted your e-mail this morning, but haven’t had a chance to read the whole thing yet. I’m hoping to have a little time later this evening. I’m sure its wonderful! 🙂


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