Wreck This Journal: Two Roads


Throughout Wreck This Journal there are a number of blank pages that serve as spaces for random creativity. While working on a collage for another project, I came across some advertisements in a magazine that inspired my muse to fill one of those pages.

Give me a dirt road and I shall happily travel.

The tree root backdrop came from a National Geographic Traveler, while the letters on this page came from an ad for a car (I think). I simply cut out and rearranged the letters until I got a phrase that made sense.  Then, I finished the thought along the right edge.  I must have had Robert Frost on the brain when I filled this page as it alludes to one of my favorite quotes:

Two roads diverge in a wood and I –

I took the one less traveled by

And that has made all the difference

Recently, I met with a friend who asked me an interesting question about how I came to be confident in who I am (including the weirdness).  Her question took me by surprise and I wasn’t sure how to answer it until I came across the above page in my journal.

The truth is I’ve never considered myself to be an overtly confident person, but rather accepting and content with who I am. I’ve always been a little different and I’ve always embraced the idea of walking a different path.  Even as a child, I knew I didn’t want to blend into the group.  I can distinctly remember thinking how boring it would be if everyone was the same. Perhaps, my “confidence” stems from never being afraid of exploring the unpaved path or one which has no footprints.  After all, the grandest adventures come from daring to go where no one has gone before, (Star Trek wisdom rocks).

Of course, spending a large part of my childhood in the depths of the Northwoods also might have something to do with my attraction to unpaved roads.

– – –

Stay inspired!

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Don’t forget to cast your vote in Poetry Poll #1. So far, “Force of Nature” has the lead, while “The Guardians” is in second.  Thanks so much for your participation!

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c.b.w. 2012


14 thoughts on “Wreck This Journal: Two Roads

  1. Like you, I grew up near a wooded area and I loved to explore the ‘unpaved road’. Although I was a shy quiet mouse in my teenage years, I have come to realize my fears were only holding me back. Once I went away to college and had to fend for myself, I knew I would do things I never believed I could do before that. If I’d stayed at home and married right out of high school, I would probably still be that shy quiet mouse instead of boldly going where I’ve never been. Yes, Star Trek wisdom is awesome! lol


    • 😀 Gene Roddenberry definitely knew what he was talking about.

      I was pretty shy growing up, too (and I still am in some respects), but as I get older I find I’m getting bolder. Traveling beyond my comfort zone both mentally and physically broke through a lot of boundaries!


  2. How great! I really like this-the cut out letters, etc. And the tree roots-knowing where “home” is? Or is it the quote: wherever you go, there you are? Or, home is in the heart? Just wondering. Hmmm . . . a road less traveled. I can’t tell you how much I have loved going out in the Jeep and exploring (no longer able to do this). I have lived in AZ nearly my whole life and there is so much I haven’t seen. Almost always I was surprised and found that peace and stillness inside that only comes, for me, when I’m in nature. Thanks for sharing this. Perhaps my next untraveled road will lead to Colorado?


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