Photography Challenge: Grayscale


For this week’s installment of the photography challenge, I experimented with the black and white setting on my camera.  As much as I love playing with color, the stark lines created by black and white photography stir my soul.  Three of the prompts on the challenge list fit my inspiration to view the world without color.

Prompt: Capture something in black and white

It’s been years since I’ve looked closely at a lantern I keep on my fireplace mantle.  Every evening this beautiful pattern illuminates when a flameless candle switches on for the night.

Photo by: c.b.w.

Prompt: Capture contrast

These trees are in my neighbor’s yard, but I never noticed the beautiful silhouette they create at sunset until I pointed my camera at them.

Photo by: c.b.w.

Prompt: Capture the light

For this shot I was inspired by how the shadows created by light looked like rays of sunshine.

Photo by: c.b.w.

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To see all the details of the photography challenge, go here.

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c.b.w. 2012


35 thoughts on “Photography Challenge: Grayscale

  1. Don’t know why, but the last picture is my favorite. I think black and white, whether taking a pic through the setting on a camera or developing it that way, via dark room or computer, is difficult.


  2. Neat! I’m having trouble choosing a favorite.

    I read in an article about the colorization of black and white films that said the colors the actors actually wore probably didn’t match. Their clothing colors were chosen not by how they looked to the naked eye, but according to how they would look filmed in black and white.


    • Besides the stark lines, I think I like how black and white allows for imagination. Any and all colors are allowed to inhabit an image. 🙂

      I love how different people are drawn to different shots. 🙂


  3. All three photos are beautiful. The lamp is lovely. The trees – oh, the palm trees! Such a different silhouette than any way up north, here. The ‘sunlight’ is very pretty, too. 🙂


      • Other than the city’s Conservative that features tropical plants, I had not see palm trees until we went to Disneyland. It was at Christmas time and thought it very strange not to see evergreen trees decorated but strings of lights on palm trees! 🙂


  4. Synchronicity. My ‘haiga’ today is monochrome.

    Nice pics, CB.

    I have always loved black-and-white photography. It seems to have a quality of ‘vérité’. It seems to be as much ‘reportage’ as art. That’s why I love the work of the late Robert Doisneau so much.



    • I’ve been a little busy with work lately, but I keep the list and my camera with me at all times. I’m hoping to have some time to capture things around my workplace next week. That should be interesting. 🙂


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