Poetry Poll #3


Let me begin by saying a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has taken the time to vote in the previous two rounds of the Poetry Poll.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, my readers are amazing!  I appreciate your support so much.

Round 3 is here and ready to go with four more poems.  Once again, my wonderful readers will decide which one deserves to move on to the final round.  Your vote truly does matter as poll results will determine which three poems I will submit to  Wordrunner eChapbooks, (in response to their call for poetry that relates to the theme of “found”).

All polls will remain open until Poll #5 is posted with the finalists.  This is a numbers game, so the poems with the most votes overall across all polls will make it to the final four.  Follow me on Twitter or my page on Facebook, (see  sidebar) for daily updates on poll numbers.

Need to catch up?  Check out the first two rounds here:

Poetry Poll #1

Poetry Poll #2

Here goes Round 3 . . .


Secret Passage


Where Dreams Wait

– – –

– – –

Your vote is very much appreciated!  Thank you!

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


11 thoughts on “Poetry Poll #3

  1. I almost clicked Lifewalk right away before even reading the others! Beautiful. I did give the others a fair shake, though. Where Dreams Wait was a close second. 🙂 The pictures are amazing, also.


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