Wreck This Journal: Garden’s End


After more than three months of growing and blooming, my garden has finally succumbed to the heat. Flowers have bloomed and started to wither, vegetable seedlings have sprouted and produced an amazing crop. A few stragglers continue to hang on, but the process of letting go must start now. Such is the cycle of life, green must eventually turn brown and return to the earth.

A page in Wreck This Journal has given me a place to memorialize my garden, while also giving me an excuse to play in the dirt.  As per instructions, I grabbed a clod of dirt and rubbed it into the center of the page.  This is the same dirt where my zucchini took root!  I added some sketches of little leaves and flowers that remain in my yard, despite a steady stream of 100+ degree weather.

Playing in the dirt is still fun!

I may be a grown woman, but I will never grow tired of digging around the dirt. A little dirt under my fingernails reminds me of being a little girl in the woods!

In the couple of weeks, we plan on pulling all the summer plants out (which will be super crispy very soon) and begin tilling the ground for a fall garden. We’ve got a compost pile started and a menu of seeds sorted.  Pumpkins, melons, onions, and perhaps another batch of sunflowers will hopefully brighten our back yard.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012