29 thoughts on “Project Spirit Journal: Dreams

  1. Love the quote. Love your spirit journal. Very inspiring. My dreams are mostly scarey, terrifying sometmes. Most of the time I dream, I wake myself up because I’m so upset! This used to happen occasionally over the years, but since my husband died, it happens all too frequently! When I have a really nice dream, I try to savor it and think about it during the next day.


  2. Jo

    Its funny where your dreams can take you. I had a dream last night and one word kept flashing at me. The word was “wentworth” I didnt understand it and so I tried analysing it by separating the two words and didnt get very far. I then looked it up on wiki and got a town in NSW (Australia) which I didnt feel had any meaning to me. It was not until I decided to just put the word “wentworth” in the google search engine that I found this page. The quote by Saint Francis of Assisi is what I needed to see. Thank you 🙂


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