Poetry Poll Results


After four rounds of voting, my readers have spoken and chosen the top three winners.  These poems will be submitted to Wordrunner eChapbooks in response to their call for poetry relating to the theme of “found.” My sincere thanks goes to everyone who participated.

Without further ado, here are the winners:

Where Peace Resides – 12

Force of Nature – 11

As for third place, we have a tie!

The Guardians – 7

Solitude – 7

I wasn’t expecting a sudden death match, but the tie must be broken. Seeing as I did not vote in any of the polls, I thought it was fitting that I cast the vote that decides the third and final spot.  Perhaps its my loner nature, but I am quite partial to “Solitude.” In addition, I think it fits well with the other two in terms of theme.

You can read all three winners by following the links:

Where Peace Resides

Force of Nature


– – –

In the name of total transparency, here are the full results of all four polls.  The top three poems where those which received the most votes overall.

Poll #1

Force of Nature – 11

Peaceful Respite – 6

The Guardians – 7

Moments of Light – 4

Poll #2

Gather Resilience – 3

Where Peace Resides – 12

Shattered – 5

Changing Hands -2

Poll #3

Lifewalk – 6

Secret Passage – 5

Kaleidoscope – 5

Where Dreams Wait – 2

Poll #4

A Bridge Crossed -4

Unknown Steps – 1

Solitude – 7

Dawn – 1

– – –

I’ll post any further developments as they occur during the submission process. Hopefully, I’ll have some good news!

Thanks so much again to those who took the time to read and cast votes!  Your support is an incredible gift.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


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