17 thoughts on “On Being Different

  1. Down through history, this has proved to be true. I don’t like rules, especially when they stop something good from being done. Wonder how many “laws” are on the books that no longer apply or are outdated? Like hanging your laundry in your front yard only on Monday and Wednesday. I think it’s Minnesota that has that law. Maybe AZ, too. We have enough silly ones, might as well through that one in, too! I think us “crazy ones” need to stick together!!


  2. CB—I have always loved that! I remember when it was used oh so wonderfully in an Apple ad…but to me it is such a wonderful truism that it inspires and brings tears to my eyes…..thanks for posting it!!


  3. To let you know how I feel about this, let me tell you the name my writers group chose – Off The Wall! We all feel a little crazy, sometimes and it definitely reflects in our writing. We refuse to follow trends, daring to delve into more unusual topics. We’d wear the label “crazy one” proudly! 🙂


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