Scribble Diary: Week 2


The random prompts in The Scribble Diary are definitely challenging me to look at my day from a different perspective, (just as I hoped they would). This week’s page had me thinking of small things like first thoughts in the morning and deeper questions about the cost of a day.

Scribble Diary, Week 2
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One day years from now, I’m going to enjoy recalling the memory of how my cats wake me up every morning because they want their breakfast.  One always sits on my head, while the other pulls at the blinds so they bang against the window.  Both acts are very annoying, but once I see those sweet little faces, all is forgiven.

I found the “my poison” prompt to be the most fun.  I’ve been addicted to chocolate my entire life and only seems to be getting worse! Those mint M&Ms were in a HUGE bag and they’re almost gone. And let’s not even get into how my Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups I at this week.  The number is ridiculous and that is all I will divulge.

The most interesting prompt was “what today cost me.” I ended up taking this in a very literal way as well as with a more abstract perspective. My usual cup of coffee and cookie are my usual purchases at the bookstore (the cookie should probably be added to the poison list), while my MacBook’s battery life is spent in the same way almost everyday.  This is a silly thing to be aware of, but I am still very grateful for my new laptop. Six hours of battery life allows me to write for much longer than my previous laptop!  This prompt also made me realize how important it is to me to be aware of how I use time.  I don’t like to waste a minute with boredom or lethargy. Each day is a gift and I always strive to make it count.

Here’s hoping, my little spark will shoot back up to fire in my belly.  I worked a little too hard this week and I’m paying for it now. Burnt out I may be for today, but my flame still thrives when it comes to my dreams and goals.

All in all, this page was a nice way to remember the little things in life and record their importance in my life. From cats waking me up before the sun rises to glorious bits of chocolate, life is good.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012

16 thoughts on “Scribble Diary: Week 2

      • With my yoga practice (which started years before I became serious enough to think about being a teacher), there was an interest in Zen, Buddhism, and the Tao. In these philosophies there is such a different way to think about how we spend our lives, how much effort things take, what it costs us, what we “should” get out of “activities”, etc. And our poisons!!! Those darn desires and attachments!! Ah, well, what can a few peanut butter cups hurt, huh???


  1. What a nice idea to think about things we might not normally. You’re right that we need to use every day in the best way we can. Yep, cats make for a very reliable alarm clock. 🙂 (And jealous of the six hours laptop life… mine lasts like, one!)


    • We’ve never been late for work thanks to those cats! 🙂

      My previous laptop was getting an hour and a half at best, so I know how it feels to have one die so quickly. I still feel so spoiled by the new one!


  2. My cat pats me on the cheek to wake me up when she deems that it is time for her breakfast. Annoying and sweet all at the same time. You used up a lot of energy and inspiration molecules getting that novel draft done – you might need to recharge the inner batteries a bit, along with keeping that new laptop topped off.


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