Reconstructing the Lennon Wall . . . Again


Over the last few months, I’ve written several times about the Lennon Wall I’ve created in my classroom. From the initial debacle of having to take it down to sharing student art, the response from readers has been overwhelming. Knowing that the message of the Lennon Wall has reached beyond the confines of my classroom is an incredible experience and I hope the message continues to spread.

In the months since I posted Reconstructing the Lennon Wall, the Listening to the Wall series and Clearly, I Will Not Be Silenced, the Lennon Wall has been pieced back together one section at a time. I made the decision not to re-create the same pattern that existed prior to the walls being painted.  Instead of returning to a moment of sadness, I decided to move forward with a fresh start. I used all the same pieces my students created in May 2012, but I let the random nature of fate decide their new positions on the wall.  The result is a beautiful new Lennon Wall that is full of vibrant optimism.

Center Section of Lennon Wall as of August 2012

On the first day of school, my students from the previous school year stopped by in droves to check out the newly constructed wall and to find their pieces. Meanwhile, the power of the Lennon Wall continues to grow as my new students are already buzzing about creating their own pieces for the wall. I am so excited to see them embrace the beauty of individual expression and I can’t wait to hear their voices.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012

21 thoughts on “Reconstructing the Lennon Wall . . . Again

  1. I love this!!!! The work and ideas of John Lennon are the sort of inspiration kids today need; love, peace, humanity, understanding, creativity. I got to sleep in the hotel room where he wrote “Give Peace a Chance” and did his and Yoko’s love in. I like to think I sucked in a little bit of that spirit even all these years later.


  2. Yep, still a great idea! So much worth in freedom of expression. It obviously meant something to your previous students if they bothered to come back and see where their art ended up. Kudos to you for being such a great teacher!


      • Heart To Harp

        I love it that both old and new students are linked in to this year’s incarnation of the wall. Last year’s students know that they along with their ideas and creations are still important to you. And this year’s students know and anticipate that there will be a place for them and their ideas and art as well. You are creating the community of the Wall.


  3. CB–I know they will remember your lessons and example throughout their lives. Just like Mr Holland, Sir in to Sir with Love, Marva Collins, Music of the Heart—and ever so many more movies and stories….you launch kites and balloons, you lift hearts. your wall is and continues to be a living reminder of their connection to history and the future….so brilliant.


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