Scribble Diary: Week 3


This week’s Scribble Diary page has me exploring everything from what’s going on inside my brain to creating a tombstone for something in my life.

Scribble Diary: Week 3
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After staying up until 1 a.m. to fold the laundry, I have to say I was really surprised to wake up and find the pile I created on the living room chair was gone. My wonderful husband put everything away and it totally made my day.

My diet is practically non-existent, so I guess I can say its DOA. However, with the weather finally cooling down a bit, I can get out there and do some power walking.  I’m looking forward to being outside and getting my pulse to do more than just thump along. Maybe then I won’t feel as guilty when I grab those peanut butter M&Ms.

The inside of my brain has always been a mess of different thoughts all happening at the same time. It’s a crazy place, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Things really are as mangled and mixed together as I depicted on this page, but somehow I manage to make sense of it all.

Try as I may, drawing a car just isn’t in my skill set, so I went with a cloud vehicle that shows everywhere I went that day.  It just isn’t a complete day without a visit to my favorite bookstore. This is where I write, drink coffee, and hang out with friends. I have a favorite place to sit and everybody knows that’s my table!

Once again, I thank my scribble diary for reminding me life is good and the little things are grand.

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c.b.w. 2012

15 thoughts on “Scribble Diary: Week 3

  1. I’ve never come across a scribble diary before. As a writer and teacher of writing I urge students to keep a notebook but I think some might really respond to this less conventional approach. BUT is it a lot of work? Does it eat to me time (when you don’t have to do essential stuff to keep the household fed, watered and clad….when you can be your creative self). Is it – dread phrase – a displacement activity? Remember the writer Polly Devlin said you could always tell when she had a deadline coming up because there was a smell of baking…anything to avoid putting words on paper.
    Another question – what about when it’s not a high five day? Does it help to put the sad stuff in the scribble diary, the worrying stuff….or does it work best when the sun is shining?


    • I can do a page in about 20 minutes, including coloring. I find it to be an incredible source of inspiration as it gets my creative juices flowing. I use it was a way to warm up before I start writing. 🙂

      I’m sure a sad or a bad day will happen and I will absolutely put it in my journal. That’s life and those days help us appreciate the happy moments even more. 🙂


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