Scribble Diary: Week 4


This week’s Scribble Diary page, has me tracking background noise and playing with the idea of saying something important.  With a month of pages completed, I can honestly say my perspective has changed for the better. I notice things I never did before, which makes even the most mundane things explode with vibrancy.

Scribble Diary: Week 4

My favorite thing about this page is the small memo I wrote in response to the prompt,”something that needs to be said.” I’m a big believer that real freedom comes living to expectations we set for ourselves, rather than those set by others or society as a whole. The concept of what “success” means to Western Society has trapped so many into a life that leaves them feeling empty.  We must be brave enough to follow our own path and reap the joy that comes from living on our own terms.

On a lighter note, recording the background noise of my favorite writing spot was fun. I’ve always been very aware of the music playing the conversations going on, but I never noticed how many people slurped their coffee or tea.  It’s loud and it made me laugh!

As for coin flipping, I let a quarter decide whether I would brave to coat racks at Kohl’s or attempt cooking a meal that involves using the stove instead of the microwave. Heads won, so I steeled my self-confidence and went clothes shopping. I’m in the market for a wool, double-breasted, grey or black peacoat. This would probably be a lot easier if I wasn’t looking for a style that borders more on casual than formal. No such luck at Kohl’s!

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