Poeticals III & Photography Challenge


I love it when two modes of creativity decide to merge! My muse has wandered between my Poeticals project and the Photography Challenge to create a strange mix of doodling, photography, and poetry.

Poeticals III – Words from the covers of mystery novels.

Dead shadows
phantom jewel
Stonecutter eyes
black, beautiful
Talking bones
sly delusion

– – –

Photography Challenge Prompt: Doodle something and document it. 

The sky pines as pine trees stand tall.
What makes blue cry and green so strong?

Pine tree doodle. Scribbled and photographed by c.b.w.

Note: The words above this sketch were inspired by a writing prompt that required playing with homophones. Through chance, I ended up with “pine” which also lead to the doodle for this shot.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012