Poeticals III & Photography Challenge


I love it when two modes of creativity decide to merge! My muse has wandered between my Poeticals project and the Photography Challenge to create a strange mix of doodling, photography, and poetry.

Poeticals III – Words from the covers of mystery novels.

Dead shadows
phantom jewel
Stonecutter eyes
black, beautiful
Talking bones
sly delusion

– – –

Photography Challenge Prompt: Doodle something and document it. 

The sky pines as pine trees stand tall.
What makes blue cry and green so strong?

Pine tree doodle. Scribbled and photographed by c.b.w.

Note: The words above this sketch were inspired by a writing prompt that required playing with homophones. Through chance, I ended up with “pine” which also lead to the doodle for this shot.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


25 thoughts on “Poeticals III & Photography Challenge

  1. catherinelumb

    There is something so attractive about your words in response to your sketch. It’s like one of those impossible sayings that is used to open up your mind during meditative times.


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