Cast Your Ballot!


Happy Election Day!

Get out there and vote! Your voice matters and it’s time to be heard. Think back to how many people fought so hard for a right so many of us take for granted. Think of how many would give just about anything to have the same privilege.

When I cast my vote, my mind always wanders to a research paper I wrote in college about a suffragist named Frances Willard. Her determination to win the vote for women inspired me not only to treasure my right (for which she sacrificed so much), but to also understand the true meaning of strength and courage. I would still be a silent citizen if wasn’t for Willard and others like her. She created the slogan, “Do everything” for the WCTU and I’ve always taken that to heart. When I mark my vote for the president or a local representative I like to believe I’m honoring her memory.

Now, it’s your turn.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


16 thoughts on “Cast Your Ballot!

  1. Jean

    Great positive message to start what will be a long day of pundits, pollsters, and politicians! People were lined up at the polls in my neighborhood when I jogged by at 5:15 this morning. It was moving to see and made me shuffle a little faster.


  2. I’m not American so I can only sit back and watch the drama, victory and disappointment unfurl through out the day as well as the next few days or weeks, I suspect.

    Each election day I always think about the Pre-WWII presidents and what they would think of how the world has evolved. Regardless of what choices are made (past, present and future), there will always be dreams realized and dreams dashed.

    I sincerely hope that the right person is chosen.


  3. I cast my vote during early voting and I’m anxious to see how everything turns out. It’s such a close race this year. I just wish the Electoral College wasn’t used, so the popular vote would count. I get so tired of hearing about a select few states. There are 50 states after all. It just makes me feel like my vote doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things on a national level. I live in Texas, which neither candidate spent any time in. Thanks for encouraging folks to get out and vote. May the best candidate win.


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