Shall We Wander?


There are so many ways to get lost, yet they all lead to the same thing: discovery.

Go ahead and turn off the GPS.

I’ve been lost while traveling and in random corners of my imagination. Losing my sense of direction always reminds me of the courage I have to venture into the unknown and the strength to find my way back.

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


21 thoughts on “Shall We Wander?

  1. I like the picture and the words! I’ve sometimes become lost in my days the past few months. What I’ve discovered is a feeling of peace I haven’t felt (or rarely recognized) in years. Don’t think I would trade it for all the IEP’s in the district!


  2. settleandchase

    A very comforting thought, thinking of being lost as being on a journey towards something we have yet to find, makes the state seem somehow more solid, and then more free..if that warble makes sense…!


  3. I get lost often, on the road, in my imagination. Somehow it’s makes the journey that much more fun and interesting. There was a time when my inner critic was in full swing whenever I got lost, now I smile and look to see what is around the next corner, or over the next hill. All this to say I so resonated to that image.


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