22 More Moments of Gratitude


Around this time last year, I was inspired by Cindy Archer to create a list of 22 Moments of Gratitude. With Thanksgiving upon us, I’ve decided to revisit this idea and make another list.  I consider last year’s list to be pretty complete, but it never hurts to consider more things for which to be grateful.

My goal is to create an entirely new list that does not match anything on the previous list, which means some of the really obvious things might be missing (like family and friends).  Don’t worry, I didn’t forget the big stuff, it’s just on a different list.

22 More Moments of Gratitude:

1. There are more books on my shelf than I have time to read. What a beautiful conundrum.

2. My muse that hasn’t let me down all year.

3. I have the courage to experiment with poetry after years of being intimidated.

4. I got to experience the thrill of learning new things like photo editing and knitting.

5. There is a fire in the fireplace and plenty of extra blankets  – I am never cold.

6. I understand the beauty of staying at home and seeing the familiar with a new perspective.

7. How wonderful it is to teach what I love.

8. My shelves have plenty of blank journals waiting for my pen.

9. My determination hasn’t worn off.

10. Inspiration is everywhere and I am seeing it.

11. I am at peace.

12. My paycheck is small, but I don’t worry about money.

13. I still know how to be young at heart (and I’m not afraid to show it).

14. I know the feeling of love.

15. I no longer care how many calories or how much fat is in a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

16. I am happy with how I look, imperfections and all.

17. Experiencing the moment of winning a chosen battle in an unexpected way, (See Reconstructing the Lennon Wall and Clearly, I Will Not Be Silenced).

18. Knowing the feeling of completing a second novel ahead of schedule.

19. Walking to work at the moment of dawn. Watching the sun rise is a beautiful experience, especially on a daily basis (each dawn is different and beautiful in a new way).

20. Watching an old dog play even when he’s tired. It inspires me to never give up on anything.

21. The feeling of hope is never far away.

22. My heart is still beating.

– – –

Happy Thanksgiving!

What are you thankful for this year?

– – –

c.b.w. 2012