NaNoWriMo: I Did It!!


As I mentioned in my previous post, November Status Report: 2012 Goals, it was a rough month, but I am still jumping up and down in excitement.  With two days to spare, I reached my goal of revising 15,000 words!!!

Don't ask me to describe what happened to my eye. It's gross.

Don’t ask me to describe what happened to my eye. It’s gross.

The more I work on this story the more excited I get about Amanda and Ian’s journey. As I revisit the beginning, it makes me realize just how much they’ve grown as characters and how their story has really turned into something special. While under the heading of urban fantasy, Amanda and Ian’s story is steeped in the spirit of humanity and the inner workings of compassion and love.

As I mentioned in my November Status Report, I plan on sharing more tidbits and teasers for Novel #2 as I continue to work through revisions. I won’t spoil anything, but I will give clues to who these characters are and some insight into the narrative they inhabit.

To get things started, I though I’d share a new band that is now on my playlist for Novel #2. Of Monsters and Men has that indie vibe that Amanda loves, while also encompassing a very spiritual (almost tribal feel) that digs into the mythical elements of the novel. Click on the link below to hear samples from their most recent album:

My Head Is An Animal by Of Monsters and Men

I’m working on a condensed soundtrack that includes songs for Amanda, Ian, and the novel as a whole. I hope to post it within the next month, so stay tuned!

– – –

Congratulations to all NaNoWriMo participants who survived the challenge!  You are all amazing and should be so proud of your accomplishment!

– – –

c.b.w. 2012


39 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo: I Did It!!

  1. Sounds like a novel I would like to read. Any plans for publishing??
    And–congrats!! It’s a great thing to set a goal and reach it. And nothing feels better than being in the creative flow. Good on ya!


  2. Congratulations to you!!! Sorry about your eye. I do want to know. You don’t have to tell. Oh yes you do. What happened? Did you burn your retina like Anderson Cooper did? He was blind for 36 hours. How scary is that?


  3. Congratulations on meeting your goal! I just checked out “Of Monsters and Men.” I’m only half way through the first song, and I’m digging their sound. Thanks for the advice!


  4. So happy for you that you’ve achieved your goal, I had no doubt that you would. If anyone can work under pressure and obstacles you can. So sorry for the yukky things in life that come up to bite and glad things are going better. How is your grandma? We’ve missed your happy face the past two weeks, WIG’s not the same without you (and it’s not the chocolate I miss!) Be well.


    • The silly thing is I bought a bunch of chocolate before missing two Tuesdays in a row. I’m keeping it a safe place and I will bring it when I come back. 🙂 I’m hoping to come by for the Christmas party, but I’m taking one day at a time for now. I miss all of you so much and hope to be there soon.


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