2013 Writing Goals


After much contemplation, I’ve finally arrived at a list of writing goals for 2013. Β The goals I’ve set are designed to push me out of my comfort zone, while also challenging me to go a little further than I did last year.Β Within each goal, I’ve set smaller sub-goals to help me stay on track.

1) Complete final draft of Novel #2.

Novel #2 turned into my passion project in 2012 and my muse is showing no signs of changing that focus. As a result, this project will have priority status in 2013.


  • Complete revisions/editing
  • Track progress via word count bar graph
  • Send second draft to two beta readers
  • Polish final draft

2) Work on converting Novel #1 into first person.

This project has had its fair share ups and downs, but I’m not giving up on it just yet. I’ve decided to go forward with the first person conversion process with the added long-term goal of considering the possibility of e-publishing.


  • Convert at least half of the manuscript.
  • Track progress via word count bar graph
  • Research e-publishing possibilities.

3) Submit 5 pieces of writing.

Another year means another challenge of submitting my work to journals, magazines, and contests. However, this year, I’m going to try and add a bonus challenge of submitting specific kinds of work to give my writing muscle a good stretch.

Submission sub-goals:

  • One series or piece of poetry
  • One short story
  • One non-fiction piece
  • One item that is out of my element (something I normally wouldn’t write)

4) Submit three query letters for Novel #2

After last year’s learning curve, I’m bringing this goal back on a more limited scale. Hopefully, the creation of sub-goals will help keep me on track so I can have a little more success with the query letter process. Of course, all of this depends on staying true to Goal #1.


  • Finish revising current letter
  • Send final query draft to two beta readers
  • Polish final draft
  • Research agents and submit

5) Continue building author platform

Once again, I’ll be working hard to maintain and continue building my author platform. 2012 was a fantastic year of establishing a social media presence and finding a voice in the blogosphere. I’m looking to create more growth on Facebook and Twitter, while also expanding my presence on World Literary Cafe and Goodreads.


  • Increase followers on Facebook and Twitter, while also interacting with other people.
  • Increase participation on World Literary Cafe
  • Create Goodreads author page
  • Join at least one new network (for writers or readers)
  • Keep up with blog and upgrade by purchasing my own domain

6) Β Read three books on the writing/publishing process.

This is an area where I definitely need to improve. I tend to get lost in fiction more than I should, so its time to pull a non-fiction book or two off my shelf. If I’m going to jump into the query letter/agent game, I should probably know a little more about what I’m up against.


  • One book about the writing process
  • One book about editing/revising
  • One book about the publishing process

7) Inspire others to keep writing.

I made the same goal last year and I enjoyed it so much, I’m bringing it back for 2013. Hopefully, through my blog and life in general, I will continue to be a positive presence to those around me.


  • Share my experiences whether a success or epic failure. Either way there is something positive to consider
  • Write posts that showcase and inspire creativity
  • Write posts that that share little pieces of wisdom as I come across them

– – –

What are your goals this year?

– – –

c.b.w. 2013


29 thoughts on “2013 Writing Goals

  1. Monumental tasks you’ve set before you! However, I have every confidence that you’ll fly through them. Your lack of procrastination, your determined and driven sense of accomplishment, and your exquisite ability to manage time will help make 2013 as, if not more, successful than 2012!


  2. You have some fantastic goals! Mine are pretty similar but a little smaller:) I am also hoping to get a book edited and in e-book format this year and am hoping so submit more short stories but I’m not sure how many yet…best of luck on all your endeavors!!!


  3. You have quite an ambitious outline set for yourself. I think breaking each larger goal down into smaller subgoals is a good idea. I wish you well on the challenges you have set for yourself and look forward to reading your novels when they are complete!


    • I’m hoping that breaking them down into sub-goals will relieve any sense of being overwhelmed. In may ways, these goals are similar to the goals I set last year. The only difference is I’m taking everything a step further. πŸ™‚


      • Big goals are usually overwhelming. The only way to approach them is in little steps. Then you aren’t setting yourself up to quit before you even start. For years I wanted to write but looked at the big picture instead of the little steps. Once I turned that idea around I found out I could do it. I just had to start and keep going. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, usually because we put up our own roadblocks.


  4. Wow, sounds like you’re ready to take the year head on. My goals sound woolly by comparison! I’m sure you’ll achieve all of these and more – you’re so dedicated. Keep us updated!


  5. I haven’t made any, and what happened today just proved how right I was. I got an email alerting me to major changes necessary to the anthology of sonnets I am helping to edit, thereby scuttling any other recently-launched projects…


  6. As someone wise once told me, that which gets measured gets done. You are well on your way to a successful 2013. I am still meditating on intentions and goals for this year. Though one of my goals is to flow more with trends and hints instead of requiring so many certainties – which is currently playing out as I consider what I want this year to contain.


    • They say its best to consider goals deeply before setting them. I start thinking at the beginning of December what I wanted to do and I actually ended up changing a few things before making the final decision. πŸ™‚


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