Simon’s Cat Wants A Poem!


Simon’s Cat is hosting a poetry competition! A short, but sweet poem in the spirit of Simon’s Cat is all it takes for a shot at recognition and prizes. Who would have thought I’d find such an interesting opportunity to pursue my 2013 Writing Goals?! This could actually hit two of my sub-goals: 1) submit one piece of poetry 2) Write something out of my element (i.e. humorous poetry).  We’ll have to see if my muse is willing to break away from Novel #2 for a few minutes and play along.

I thought I’d share the link to the competition because I have some amazingly talented readers who might enjoy a fun challenge. Click on the image for more information about how to enter:

Feed me lines of poetry, or else!

Feed me lines of poetry, or else!

The deadline is January 31st, so start working on those meow lines!

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c.b.w. 2013