The Little London Observationist is a fantastic blog that takes readers into the nooks and crannies of London. Between unique photographs and distinctive commentary, London comes alive in an entirely new way. Today there’s a tour of Sydney Street and Sloane Square that’s totally worth a read! Enjoy!

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c.b.w. 2013

Little London Observationist

London welcomed 2013 with brilliantly blue skies, a perfect day for a walk. So I tossed my camera over my shoulder and headed outdoors, strolling through the bare Winter gardens of St. Luke’s Church on Sydney Street where Charles Dickens was married many years ago but today where teenagers kicked a football across the grass wearing only tee shirts in January.

St. Luke’s Church, Sydney Street

Weaving my way through the side streets running parallel to the King’s Road, I headed toward Sloane Square where I was meant to meet a friend for lunch. It was nice to take the back roads, away from the high street shop fronts. I looked up at the details in the architecture. The clay-coloured chimneys stood in sharp contrast against the vibrant sky.



The afternoon light cast harsh shadows on the houses that lined some streets with their uplifting colours, this row on Burnsall…

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