Novel #2 Progress: Moving Forward


Despite having to return to my day job last week, I still managed to get a respectable amount of work done on Novel #2. I expect revision work to slow down over the next few weeks because I’m reaching a section of the novel where I know I need to make the most changes. These are changes I’ve had mapped out for a while now via sticky notes and memos, so I’m excited to jump in and finally make them! My word counts will look a little low, but the quality of what I’m creating will hopefully speak for itself!

Word Count Progress:

Draft #1 Word Count:

  • Starting Word Count: 32,612
  • End Word Count: 35,558
  • Total: 2,946

Draft #2 Revised Word Count:

  • Start Word Count: 33,558
  • End Word Count: 36,484
  • Total: 2,926

Writing Process Notes:

  • When I was striving to complete the first draft, I spent a lot of time at my usual writing spot, a coffee cafe in a local bookstore. However, after hitting my last nerve regarding uncouth behavior, (see The Lost Art of Coffee House Etiquette), I’m spending more time at my writing desk at home. I recently revamped the space and it is proving to be an excellent environment for writing.
  • Chapters 6-10 were sent to my beta reader. Overall, she had a positive response, but she pointed out a few issues with word choice and areas that might need to be revised to avoid the dreaded cliché. Luckily, most of what she pointed out were things I already knew needed a bit more work.
  • Aside from a “things to fix” list, my beta reader praised the dialogue between my two main characters as the novel’s biggest strength. Yes! I worked hard those interactions, so it was great to hear they are working.

Novel Tidbit:

Main Characters:

  • Amanda
    • 17 years old
    • Very isolated as she finds herself with the responsibility of caring for her ill mother
    • She is somewhat insecure about herself, but tough enough to kick anything that gets in her way. This is a girl who doesn’t back down from anything if it involves someone she loves.
    • She loves classic and indie rock. The Beatles, Freelance Whales, Junip, and Death Cab for Cutie are her favorite bands.
    • Charlotte Bronte is her favorite author, but she’ll read just about anything.
  • Miriam
    • 40 years old
    • Amanda’s mother
    • A small, frail woman who struggles with unexplained seizures and a pain pill addiction.
    • Her drug of choice is Vicodin.
    • Prior to her illness, Miriam was an amazing cook with a particular talent for Italian food.
  • Ian
    • 18 years old
    • Amanda’s new next-door neighbor
    • Wise and laid-back, Ian defies the typical teenage boy cliché. He loves art, architecture, classic literature, and seems to thrive on helping people. On top of that, he’s strikingly good looking. Almost too good to be true, Amanda realizes right away that he is something other than human, (I promise he’s not a vampire or werewolf!).
    • He has an odd obsession with names. From memory, he can trace the meaning of any name within a few seconds.

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c.b.w. 2013