Simon’s Cat Poetry Poll


With my Simon’s Cat toy sitting on my desk, I’ve been busy writing possible entries for the Simon’s Cat Poetry Competition. Writing cute and funny poetry is definitely a challenge for me as I usually rely on nature and architecture as a means of inspiration. I’ve got a few poems that I’m relatively happy with and I thought it might be fun to let my readers decide which one I will submit. The last poetry poll was so successful, I figured this was the perfect way to usher in my first writing submission of 2013.

For each poem, I listed the inspiration as the competition is looking for poetry inspired by Simon’s Cat images or videos. I stuck with my favorite videos, (click on the images to watch the full length video) as well as the drawing that introduced the contest.

– – –

Baseball Bat and Empty Dish

Simon's Cat

See my dish,
where’s the fish?

Cute and fat,
fill my vat

Starving cat
swings a bat

– – –

Sticky Tape

Simon's Cat Sticky Tape

Sticky tape
on my foot
tongue and ear

Meow! Get off!
I panic
still not clear

There, it’s gone
Meow! I win!
Tail flick cheer

– – –

Fly Guy

Simon's Cat Fly Guy

Simon sits

Buzzing fly
stalking cat

Big eyes watch
waiting to pounce

Curtains shred
lampshade dead

Fly goes splat
Meow, now what?

– – –

– – –

Thanks for voting! Results will be posted on Friday, January 25th.

– – –

c.b.w. 2013

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