Meow! The Winner Is . . .


Thank you so much to my readers for taking the time to vote in the Simon’s Cat Poetry Poll. It was a fun project and I’m excited to submit the winning poem.

Reader’s Choice with 53% of the vote:

See my dish,
where’s the fish?

Cute and fat,
fill my vat

Starving cat
swings a bat

– – –

Fly Guy came in second with 36% of the vote:

Simon sits

Buzzing fly
stalking cat

Big eyes watch
waiting to pounce

Curtains shred
lampshade dead

Fly goes splat
Meow, now what?

– – –

Sticky Tape rounded out third with 12% of the vote:

Sticky tape
on my foot
tongue and ear

Meow! Get off!
I panic
still not clear

There, it’s gone
Meow! I win!
Tail flick cheer

– – –

I’ll be submitting the winning poem in the next week. Wish me luck!

– – –

c.b.w. 2013


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