Photography Challenge: Create


It’s been a long time since I’ve dabbled in the Photography Challenge I took on last summer, but I haven’t given up on completing the list. One of the more intriguing prompts involved the search for a word that illustrates my day. It turns out I didn’t have to look very far. My writing space is full of words and objects that define my attitude and perception about any given day . . . even the “bad” days.

I settled on photographing a combination of objects that serve as my ultimate inspiration when I sit down to write. They are my constant reminders that no matter what, I am a writer and a creative spirit.

Photo by: c.b.w. 2013

Photo by: c.b.w. 2013

You see things and you say “Why? But I dream things that never were and I say “Why not?”

– George Bernard Shaw

– – –

Stay inspired!

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c.b.w. 2013

19 thoughts on “Photography Challenge: Create

  1. Fabulous image and quote. How wonderful that you know, without a doubt, that no matter what, you are a writer and creative spirit. Congratulations on knowing this and holding it tight.


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