Novel #2 Progress: New Ground


As I move into the second half of Novel #2, I’m becoming very aware of the tonal shift between the two halves. I take this as good sign as most YA novels have a similar shift between the beginning and end. My characters are growing and changing as the plot unfolds, which is the ultimate goal of a good story (in my humble opinion!).

Word Count Progress:

Draft #1 Word Count:

  • Start Word Count: 41,548
  • End Word Count: 43,814
  • Total: 2,266

Draft #2 Revised Word Count:

  • Start Word Count: 42,761
  • End Word Count: 44,980
  • Total: 2,219

Writing Process Notes:

  • Chapters 11-15 are now in the hands of my beta reader. Fingers crossed that they are received as well as the previous ten. In this chunk, a secondary plot starts to unfold, leading to the more fantasy based elements of the novel.
  • I expect the coming week’s revisions to go relatively fast. I’m moving into a segment that serves as the launch point for the final third of the novel. This is where my characters make the decisions that will carry them to their fate. Despite the upcoming action that most readers will likely enjoy, its these quiet moments of character evolution that I love best.
  • In case you missed it, I wrote a guest post about the decision to write both of my novels in present tense and first person. Check it out here.

Novel Tidbit:

Secondary Characters:

  • It isn’t until the second half of Novel #2 that new characters begin to interact with Amanda, Ian, and Miriam. This is not the norm for most YA novels, but given Amanda’s isolationist tendencies and Ian’s little secret, the idea of hanging out with other people just didn’t fit the scope of the first half of their story. That being said, Amanda and Ian can’t stay in their bubble forever!
  • A trio of secondary characters from Ian’s realm arrive in response to a problem that can’t be solved without their help.
    • Gaelan – As Ian’s longtime friend, he knows things about Ian’s past that Amanda does not. He is fiercely protective of his best friend, even when he becomes aware that Ian has broken a cardinal rule. Extremely calm and wise, he has a special gift as a mediator.
    • Amarantos – At first she appears harsh, but she has a warm spirit. Her name means “unfading,” which is a reference to her stubborn nature. Once she sets her mind to something, there is no going back. In many ways she is a lot like Amanda, which leads to a friendship between the two.
    • Ligeia – With a name that means “shrill whistling voice, clear toned,” it’s easy to see why this character is at the root of some intense conflict. She and Ian have a long history, but she is more attached to that past than Ian. As a result, she has a bitter streak.

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