What The Snow??


Three days ago I planted my vegetable seeds because it was a perfect spring day – 75 degrees and sunny with a warm breeze. I should have known better because the weather this year has been nothing short of crazy!

Case in point, it actually snowed in the Valley of the Sun. Folks down here are calling it squishy hail or graupel, but it still covered my yard with a light and fluffy blanket of white cold. For those of us in the desert, this was an incredible thing to see!


Snow in the yard!

My rocker usually basks in the sun, but here it is sprinkled in snow!



Not even the weeds can believe it!


A little snow pile!

Within half an hour, the rain came back and erased our rare moment of an actual winter. Perhaps, if I’d found my mittens in time, I could have made a mini-snowman.

– – –

c.b.w. 2013

34 thoughts on “What The Snow??

  1. I was going to start my garden this week, too, but then came the weather change. We had rain, snow, crazy winds, and sunshine, all this past week in my little Southern California town. The weekend looks promising!


  2. How weird! And I thought that it could be strange in my part of the country, where it could be literally 80 degrees in the morning and in the 30’s or 40’s that night thanks to a cold front, but we never get random snow like that!


    • Just like you said, we are pushing 75 to 80 degrees right now, but then it dips into the 30s and 40s at night! That is crazy!! I actually have to use the little greenhouse cover for my seedlings so they don’t get too cold.


  3. I WISH that was all the snow we had to contend with! We still have three-foot drifts in our yard up here in the ‘far north’. 🙂

    On FB yesterday there was a photo of ‘SNODA’ – a snowman made to look like Yoda from Star Wars. Maybe you can make a Snoda next time it snows down there in the desert! lol


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