Here’s a wonderful post from one of my favorite blogs, notyethere. His unique perspective coupled with lyrical poetry explores how mass market bookshops have changed the face of the literary world.


I’m looking at the words on the page, they are a brooding ugly mass, lacking space and any sense of white space. It matters to me how they look on the page. The words today have taken over the cleanliness of the space. So, do I find space in here, or leave it like the corporate masses I am thinking about, an unkind lump looking only for profit? This is about as long as a piece of writing get for me, so as time goes on it will get stripped more and more. This is the fifth incarnation since it has arrived on my laptop from the notebook, there will be more I am sure.


Hard to imagine the silence amongst the shelves,
the butterfly leafing of pages on my first visit
to a bookshop filled with new printed
paper and dusty books piled in corners.
Now we are…

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