2013 Goals: April Status Report


Any regular follower of my blog knows that April was a busy month for my muse and I. The A to Z Challenge took over my writing schedule and pushed me to make deadlines without sacrificing my creativity. All in all, I consider April to be a very successful month in terms of my goals.

1) Complete final draft of Novel #2.

Revisions for Draft #2 are complete. I have since uploaded my revised draft onto my Kindle Fire, so I can fine-tune things a bit more. Using this format accomplishes two things:

  • It is super exciting and encouraging to see my novel as it would appear in an e-book format.
  • After reading my draft a million times as a Word document, it really helps to see sentences and paragraphs in a different way. I’m noticing little things that I just didn’t see in the original document. It’s really helping me spot little mistakes!

2) Work on converting Novel #1 into first person.

Still on the shelf (and that’s okay).

3) Submit 5 pieces of writing.

I have three writing magazines queued up, so I can start searching for competition and submission opportunities.

4) Submit three query letters for Novel #2

I got my hands on some new resources that might help me give my query a boost. If those resources turn out to be sound, I’ll pass them along. During May, I’m hoping to dig into my query and complete some much needed revisions.

5) Continue building author platform

The bulk of April was devoted to completing the  A to Z Challenge. I’m proud to report I completed the challenge on time and without missing a single letter. Yay! Thanks to all my old and new readers for stopping by throughout the challenge.

As for social media, I spent more time in the blogosphere than I did Facebooking or Tweeting. With the challenge complete, I’m hoping to jump right back into the social networking scene.

My Facebook Page has grown from  284 to 291

On Twitter, my followers went from 528 to 525

Thanks so much to all my followers. Your support and encouragement means so much!

6)  Read three books on the writing/publishing process.

April was a good month for this goal, as well. I read How I Got Published Ed. by Ray White and Duane Lindsay. A full review is on the way, but in short I found this book to be very helpful and encouraging.

One down, two to go!

7) Inspire others to keep writing.

As always, I can only hope I am a positive presence!

– – –

How are you doing on your 2013 goals?

– – –

c.b.w. 2013


17 thoughts on “2013 Goals: April Status Report

  1. Rhonda L. Brockmeyer

    I love that you keep track, so much more organized than I’ve been. Though, my goals are on track. But. I enjoy the updates. It’s encouraging to others as well.


    • I’ve found if I don’t keep track, my goals fall by the wayside pretty quickly. Accountability keeps me pretty motivated! 🙂

      Glad you are on track with your goals. Keep it up! 🙂


  2. Sherrey Meyer

    C.B., congrats on continually moving toward goals. It seems to me you’ve done an admirable job in April considering the A to Z posts we wrote. I’m interested in helping other writers as they near publishing. Note I’m a proofreader trained professionally in a printing/publishing atmosphere, willing to edit as well, or willing to read your draft or galleys as a reviewer of books. Anything for a fellow writer, who inspires me daily!


  3. Cheryl Andrews now has a section on her blog with writing contests listed. Might be a good resource. Glad to know that novel #2 is still receiving the attention it deserves. On with those query letters – I want to read that book!


  4. In answer to your question, mine are just a muddy patch in a playing-field, and the suspicion that there were posts and a net there once, but someone has taken them away.


  5. I think what makes all your goal setting and accomplishments inspiring is that you truly love to write! So while you are reaching your goals, you are also enjoying your life. That’s a nice combination.


  6. Sounds like you’re doing awesome!

    Putting the draft in a different format is a great idea. It’s amazing how much more you see when it’s not in its natural, Word document habitat. (Of course, whenever I see things, it’s just as I’m about to hand a printed copy off to a few readers… and then it takes every bit of restraint to not snatch it back out of their hands! : ) )


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