Favorite Thing Friday: Sock Loom Love


A year ago this week, I bought a sock loom and learned how to knit socks. I made almost twenty pairs of socks (some for me and the rest for other people), before I graduated to traditional needles. Once I discovered how much fun it was to make hats, scarves, and sweaters, my poor sock loom was abandoned  and left alone in the knitting toolbox.

As fate would have it, a friend of mine has a birthday coming up and she’s the only one who didn’t get a pair of socks for Christmas (that’s what she gets for not telling me her shoe size!). On the one year anniversary (the exact date!) of purchasing my sock loom, I pulled it out again and started knitting. I’ll bet it was happy to take the spotlight away from my stash of knitting needles!

It’s been more than six months since I made a pair of socks, so I had to go back and re-learn a few things. Turning the heel is tricky, but thankfully I took really detailed notes in my knitting journal. Within minutes I remembered everything and got stitching!

Three days later, I had a beautiful pair of socks for my friend. I’m actually a little bummed I can’t keep these socks for myself!


Aren’t they pretty??

Even though the birthday socks are finished, I can’t bring myself to put away my sock loom just yet. I decided I’m going to make a couple of new pairs of socks for myself, (the first since last August). I dug through my yarn stash and found I still had some great sock yarn! To make it even more interesting, I’m challenging myself to make socks that have a different color for the toe and heel.


The beginning of two-toned socks. The green will make the cuff, toe, and heel, while the multi-colored skein will make the foot and leg.

So far, I have one sock of the pair completed. It looks pretty good, don’t you think?


Fresh off the sock loom!

No matter what knitting projects I undertake in the future, making socks on my sock loom will always be my favorite mode of knitting!

– – –

What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2013


27 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Sock Loom Love

  1. That variegated wool reminds me so much of my mom, who knitted us many pairs of slipper socks over the years. Glad to see your sock loom hasn’t been completely abandoned and still capable of producing lovely warm socks. 🙂

    And since you asked what my favorite thing was this week, I think it must have been making cards in my new craft room with so much surface space to spread out on and everything within reach and ORGANIZED! 🙂


  2. 🙂 The socks are so cozy and, guess what, temperatures got down to 58 last night. Too me that’s still warm so I only had them one for a little while. I do wish it was colder so I can wear them more. I love socks. I have 2 drawers full. One regular and one just of toe socks.
    By the way your green ones are very fancy !! TY


  3. billiescraftroom

    LOVE the blue ones, definitely my colours. Like the two colour ones too, there was an older lady who knitted me socks for every Christmas as she always did the different colours tops, toes and heels like you just did.

    Love them. Shout if you ever open an Etsy shop n sell socks 😉

    Well done for getting the hang of the loom. I got one but hated it with a passion! My dexterity couldn’t cope with the twisting with the hand tool and the stitches got sooo tight! Even DH struggled when I gave it to him to try, part way along a round he gave it back to me with the hand tool in two pieces.

    Shame as the fabric it created was excellent quality.


    • The tension can be tricky, but once you get the hang of it, tight stitches are no longer a problem. 🙂

      I don’t think I’ll ever sell on Etsy mainly because I don’t want my fun little hobby to turn into a job. But, I guess I should never say never!


  4. Those socks are too pretty to wear! I took a class 14+ yrs ago and learned how to knit slippers. I made slippers for everyone I know … and then I had kids and never picked up the needles again. 😦 Someday!!


  5. And to think your sock loom is also responsible for my dive into knitting! Both of your new socks are gorgeous. I think I am going to try socks on needles soon, to decide if I like doing them better on the loom or on needles. My favorite thing this week is that I started binding off my sweater! Yahoo!


    • Thanks.:-)

      Changing colors is easy, especially on a sock loom. All you have to do is cut the old color (leave about an 8″ tail) and tie on a new color. For heel and toes, add the new color, just before turning the heel/toe. Tie the new color around the old color at the base of the last peg knitted. It’ll be loose when your first start knitting, but it’s easy to tighten up once you’ve knit a few stitches. Repeat the process to return to the main color. Once your sock is done, all you have to is weave in the ends. 🙂

      On a sock loom, toes and heels are completed in the same fashion. They are turned on short rows using half of the pegs. After turning the toe, I bind off and then sew the toe closed using a whip stitch. 🙂


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