Believers sought,
unbreakable bonds
Countless gods,
 faithful crowds 
Wounded by time,
shackled by scars
Dome of heaven,

light of gold

The Pantheon, Rome
Photo (2003) and words (2013) by: c.b.w. 

– – –

c.b.w. 2013


12 thoughts on “Pantheon

    • This is one of those shots that looked terrible via 35mm film. When I digitized and gave it a few touchups (hardly anything), it ended up absolutely beautiful. I’m no longer mad I snapped the shot!

      Three weeks of gearing up to teach Art History gave me instant inspiration for the words!


      • So many of your photos from your travels will set the stage for specific eras in art history. I think that so much of what you love is going to come together as you teach this class. I wish I could be in the classroom as your student!


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