Just Be


Life is never constant.

Shifting, phasing, changing, moving, wandering . . .

Ignorance is born from refusing the inevitable.

What was never leaves us, as it never should.

What is must consume us –

But, not to destroy or overshadow

Now is now.

It is all we have.

Dreams push forward to a place where hope lives.

Treasure the possibilities, but be mindful of your grip.

Hold on, but let go.

Let the moment be.

Detail view of Ai Weiwei’s Moon Chest, (2008)

Big picture view of Ai Weiwei’s Moon Chest, (2008)

A series of wooden “chests” stand in a line across an entire room. Each chest has a strategically cut hole, so when the viewer looks through one end of the installation, the phases of the moon take shape.

– – –

Words by: c.b.w. 2013

Photograph captured at an exhibition entitled, “Ai Weiwei: According to What?”

– – –

c.b.w. 2013


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