Favorite Thing Friday: Celestial Socks


I admit I’m in a bit of a knitting fit. With Christmas just around the corner, I’m in a mad knitting dash to finish making all the things on my gift list! Most of the time I have two projects going at once – one for when I’m downstairs and one for when I’m upstairs.

While in the middle of learning straight needle socks, I had my sock loom loaded with a project as well.  A friend of mine did not receive socks last year and I wanted to make sure she got some for the holidays this year. She’s always giving compliments on my socks, so it’s about time she got a pair of her own!

After doing a little research on the sly, I found out her favorite color is purple.  Finding a purple yarn that is both pretty and not boring is tough task, but I think I nailed this one.  I found a beautiful variegated purple and teal colorway called Celestial from Paton’s Kroy Socks FX.  It’s all different shades of purple with a slight touch of blue. Gorgeous!


Easily one of my favorite brands of sock yarn!

The slight self-striping and subtle color changes made this an ideal choice for a great pattern called the interrupted rib, (courtesy of Leisure Arts Sock Loom Basics). A while back, I made a pair of interrupted rib socks for myself and I love them!  My only complaint is that the pattern calls for the interrupted rib to appear on the leg only.

To make these socks a little more special, I decided to change the pattern by extending the interrupted rib across the top of the foot. All it took was a slight modification at the heel turn and remembering to knit the bottom of the foot with a knit stitch while knitting the top of the foot with the interrupted rib. Voila!


Aren’t they pretty!?

Between now and December 25th I have four more gifts to knit! Ahhhh! I better get knitting!

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What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2013