Favorite Thing Friday: An Unlikely Pair


Every once in a while I’ll buy something silly for no reason other than it’s really cute and I can’t resist. In this case, I came face to face with a plush toy of Grumpy Cat. My credit card was out of my wallet before I could rationally understand that I don’t need this incredibly cute cat and that I should save my money for something else (like yarn).

After searching through about twenty-five Grumpy Cats on the shelf, I settled on the one that had both the best likeness to the real Grumpy Cat and the cutest face. No easy feat to say the least, but I ended up with a fantastically crabby stuffed animal cat. Yes, I realize how ridiculous this is, but rational thought never kicked in while I was at the store.

On the way home, I decided I had the perfect place for him to sit. Not only would he be warm and comfortable, but he would also have a friend. At the foot of the bed in the guest room there is a thick knit wool blanket (yup, I made it) and one very adorable plush Simon’s Cat.

The two look like enemies with one grimacing at life and the other with wide eyes and that goofy grin, but they seem to share their space quite nicely. Aren’t they just the sweetest pair?


Grumpy Cat and Simon’s Cat hanging out together!

It’s hard not to smile whenever I walk into the guest room to grab my laptop!  I guess I’ll never be too old for toys.

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What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2014