Favorite Thing Friday: Jasmine Vines & Seedlings


One evening this week, I opened up my back door to let my dogs outside and I was hit with an incredibly wonderful aroma. Soft, sweet, and intoxicating, little white flowers bloomed by the hundreds on my jasmine vines. The amazing thing is there were no flowers on either of my vines earlier that afternoon. It’s like they all decided to pop open at once and surprise me!

The aroma was so enchanting, I decided to open all my windows in the back of the house. Jasmine wafted through the house all evening and its continued to linger in the air all week long. Aside from the springy smell, the vines themselves have double in size this year and now wrap around patio roof posts. After watching them struggle this winter, its so nice to see them thriving.


Jasmine vine gone wild!

The sunflower is another interesting story. Our Monster Sunflower sprouted two more stems with buds and this one bloomed this week. The other one broke off due to an odd angle and the weight of the bud. Β The main bloom was quite small (as expected), but weirdly enough it grew larger after all the petals fell off. That’s a story I’ll have to share once it stops growing!

Over on the plant rack, my seedlings are getting so big! While my vegetable starters are almost ready to go into the garden (probably this weekend), my flower tray holds the biggest surprise. I’ve never been very successful in growing any sort of flower except a wildflower mix in the yard, so it was really exciting to see several sprouts. In particular, four out five nasturtium seeds came up! This week, they graduated to a larger pot, along with another unidentified flower.

The garden rabbit took a break from sniffing the jasmine to help me celebrate graduation day . . .


I hope these guys keep growing!

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What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2014


14 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Jasmine Vines & Seedlings

  1. Isn’t jasmine the best? We have a night blooming one on our little porch outside the front door, and the aroma is delightful. It looks as if you’re having success with your potted plants. The trick is in the potting soil and giving them the right sized pot to allow growth. Enjoy!


    • This is the first year our jasmine vines have bloomed this much. I am in love with them! πŸ™‚ A few more seedlings moved into bigger pots today, while the others are taking well to their new home. Hopefully, they’ll be blooming soon! πŸ™‚


  2. My mom had star jasmine along her side fence, and when the fence rotted and had to be replaced, she assumed the plants were goners. Imagine her delight when she had some flowers the next year! By the third season after the fence replacement, they were almost as strong as they’d ever been. One of my favorite memories is sitting on her patio with her and smelling that intoxicating scent.


  3. Mala

    How did you get your star jasmine to go around your post so nicely? Did you just plant it next to the post or put something it can attach to? I just bought a star jasmine, and I am going to plant it at the bottom of a post. Thanks


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