Poem A Day Challenge: April 21-22


I can’t believe the  April Poem A Day Challenge  is almost over!! Here’s a couple poems from Week 3 of the challenge …

April 21, 2014

Prompt: Write a back to basics poems.

Laces untied,
dust gathered
I lost my way,
sold to slack

Excuses banned,
time to roll
Back to the path,
soul in reach

The trail ahead,
crunching sand
Just one more mile,
sole to dirt

Forget pavement,
clime each stone
Unplugged silence,
soul to earth

Inspiration: My return trail running continues to be a fantastic experience. It only seemed fitting to write about it!

– – –

April 22, 2014
Prompt: Two for Tuesday – Write an optimistic and/or pessimistic poem

Water still flows with grime,
the air still smells of ash
Landfills filled to the brim,
while sludge oozes above

Our delicate planet,
wonders why no one cares
After giving so much,
we take it for granted

Apologies aside,
there’s time to make amends
The earth is still spinning,
but waiting for a change

We can do more than waste,
the key is in our hands
Let go of selfishness,
and consider the land

Somewhere beneath the grime
beneath years of blind eyes
Lies the chance to wake up
and see what’s been stolen

Inspiration: Earth Day!

– – –

c.b.w. 2014