The Boy Who Tried


Longing glances,
day after day
Her freckled cheeks,
and deep green eyes
He was spellbound,
by auburn hair

She walked past him,
without looking
Did she see him,
or know his name?
Too shy for hi,
afraid to ask

Caught in a stare,
her eyes find his
Flickering sparks,
hope becomes real
Scribbled question,
check yes or no


– – –

Inspiration: I had so much fun in the April Poem a Day Challenge, I’ve decided to keep a close eye on the weekly poetry prompts posted on Wednesdays on Poetic Asides. This week’s grabbed my attention, so I took a crack at it.

Poetic Asides – Wednesday Poetry Prompts: 261

– – –

c.b.w. 2014