At Day’s End


As dusk descends, I sip ice tea and sway back and forth on my porch swing. The cicadas buzz, while the heat of the day hangs onto every bit of remaining light. Another day ends and it’s one I’m glad to send into the past. Filled broken things and people who don’t care, my island becomes smaller as my lifeboat sails further out to sea.

A deep breath is all I need.

A fews moments of peace is what I crave.

The moon is the only one that understands. ย Every evening it rises with an ethereal glow that calmly asks the world to stop, rest, and sleep. For with the night everything slows down and the struggles of the day fade into black. For this I am grateful as I close my eyes and find my dreams.


Little Gibson Lake, Northern Wisconsin
Photo by: c.b.w. 2005


– – –

c.b.w. 2014



10 thoughts on “At Day’s End

  1. Such a beautiful photo. I couldn’t agree with the Moon asking us to stop; but I could agree that the Moon has its powers in conducting a conversation with me – the inner me – and helping to release what was the burdens of the day.


  2. Mm… I like this very much, that end of the day feeling that so many of us have! I like the way you’ve explained it’s the moon that is asking the world to stop – a very creative and interesting way to say that! There are people in this world that literally cannot sleep at all, they are a real mystery to doctors and scientists, and they all say the same thing – how much they miss sleep, not because they ever feel tired, but just simply because it’s nice to have a pause from all that living, This would be really good for the first paragraph of a novel! ๐Ÿ™‚


    • I’m an insomniac, so I can really relate to those who have trouble sleeping. When I can’t “stop” I settle for slowing down. The peaceful feeling of night is sometimes the only rest I get!


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