6 thoughts on “Rima

  1. Wow, what a stunning picture!! 🙂 Those rolling hills are definitely caught between man made faith! They look so soft and innocent compared to that intricate, very clever, but kind of harsh architects dream! There were some awesome efforts put into those ancient buildings, and I always feel very torn about how I feel about them. I can’t ignore the amazing work that many hard working probably quite poor men, helped to create, but at the same time I really don’t like what they represented. Makes me feel quite cold towards them!

    So where were you standing when you took this picture? It’s an unusual angle!


  2. As a history and art history teacher, I’m always in awe of old buildings because they have such an interesting story to tell. I may not always agree with the why and how, but they’re beauty is often undeniable.

    I climbed over 250 stairs inside of one of the spires. I stuck my camera through one of the barred windows and snapped the shot. 🙂


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