Favorite Thing Friday: Mistake Rib Scarf


After I finished knitting the Veronica Slouch, I had a bunch of yarn left over. Instead of letting it slip into my growing collection of stash yarn, I decided to make a scarf to match my beautiful new hat, (See FTF: Chunky Cable Hat)

I opted for a mistake rib pattern as it gives the ordinary rib a little more personality. The texture of a mistake rib works so nicely with a thick yarn, so I knew it would be perfect for what was left of my Colinette Prism wool.

A quick search on Ravelry’s pattern database pulled up a great pattern that is super easy to follow, (Mistake Rib Scarf by Joan Janes).  Not only is it free, but it also offers several gauges so it can be adapted to different weights of yarn. I absolutely love how my scarf turned out!


Mistake rib scarf with a twist!

In addition, the simplicity of the pattern allowed for a modification I wanted to make based on a scarf style I spotted on Pinterest. I always wear my scarves tucked into my jacket, so sewing one corner to the edge to create a permanent wrap shape really appealed to me. All I have to do is slip it over my head and it’s a perfect fit every time.

To add a little more style to the wrap around, I added a button to the attached corner. As it turned out, I had an extra button left over from my hat!  With this little detail, I truly have a matching set of accessories!


It’s a wrap! (And a button)

It’s amazing what you can do with a little leftover yarn and an extra button!

– – –

What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2014


12 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Mistake Rib Scarf

  1. Great accessory to your hat! I like your modification. isn’t it fun to have enough knitting confidence to make changes? I am definitely checking out that pattern on Ravelry. It looks perfect for my yarn leftovers. Favorite thing this week: Multiple hawk sightings in the neighborhood – they are swooping in front of me on my morning walks. So far I’ve seen a red-tailed, a red-shouldered and a Cooper’s hawk. they are usually soaring at walk time. This week they are gliding onto low branches and are clearly visible.


  2. I once had a go at knitting a scarf but my ability to count whilst knitting was found to be suspect and the scarf narrowed along its length. I guess I’m better at knitting wires than wool 😉 Your scarf looks good and I really like the colour.


    • Thanks! The color is my favorite thing about the yarn. I was drawn to it even though it was buried under several other skeins of yarn at the store.

      I’ve made it a habit to count my stitches every few rows, just to make sure I didn’t drop a stitch. 🙂


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