Favorite Thing Friday: Failing Without Giving Up


Sometimes a project just doesn’t work out. No matter how beautiful the yarn or how much you’ve mastered a new skill, there are some projects that just refuse to come together!

This week, I finally had to give up on a project I’ve been working on since May. The Box Pleat Scoopneck captured my attention the moment I saw it in the Summer edition of Knit Wear magazine. Soon after, I bought some beautiful yarn at one of my favorite yarn shops. The heathered copper color of Filatura Di Crosa Potrofino seemed like the perfect match for the stylish pleated top I was so excited to make.

At the point of cast on, everything seemed to be going great. I loved how the yarn handled the rolled rib at the hem and the color variation was just gorgeous as the piece grew larger. I loved the weight of the yarn and it’s smooth texture.

However, it was at the halfway point that I started to have doubts. The very things I loved about the yarn turned out to be the biggest problems. The subtle satin finish caused some of the stitches to slip and even twist due to the weight of the finished fabric. I suspect my gauge calculations had something to do with it as well.

Yet, I kept going because I thought I was over thinking it. I have a tendency to let my perfectionism taint any craft project I’m working on, so I was determined to fight through the doubt. Besides, wet blocking would likely help those wayward stitches, right?

Then, came the day I reached the point of splitting the front and back to make sleeves. I held the garment up to my body to see if the sizing was correct and I just about died. That beautiful silky fabric highlights every imperfection – everything from the button of my jeans to the jiggle in my hips, (however, for the record, the sizing was correct!).

No amount of determination was going to save this one. It was all over and I was okay with that. Some things are meant to be, but my copper colored Box Pleat Scoopneck is not one of them.  As soon as I get a chance, I’ll be ripping out each stitch as I rewind the yarn back into a ball.


Doomed from the start!

While this sounds like a total failure, I haven’t given up yet! Shortly after making the decision to shelf this project, I ordered new yarn, (a gorgeous medium weight, superwash wool). As soon as it gets here, I’ll have another go at this top!

– – –

What’s your favorite thing this week?

– – –

c.b.w. 2014


12 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Failing Without Giving Up

  1. Rita Ackerman

    Wow. It looks perfect. I understand about how the “fabric” might not work. I’m sure you will come up with something for this beautiful yarn.


  2. The yarn is such an earthy hue and I love the variegation. Awesome that you’ll give it another “go” it’s worth it that pattern sounds lovely! My favorite thing today? I got rid of a trunk-load of garbage and then another one full of goodwill items plus I danced for 45 minutes and exercised for another half hour at least…baby steps toward betterment and progress. 😉


  3. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out, but it will be the perfect yarn for something else. Can’t wait to see the second round of the box pleat scoopneck!

    My favorite thing this week: the best start to a school year yet. : )


    • I have no doubt I’ll find another project for that yarn. It’s too pretty to sit in a basket and do nothing!

      So glad to hear you had a good start to the new school year. Mine has been pretty good, but the stress levels are a little high. I’ll figure out how to keep it all under control soon enough. 🙂


    • I suppose I could chalk it up to changing my mind! 🙂 I think I got distracted by the yarn and it pulled me away from my original vision for this project. Lesson learned – always stick with the vision.


  4. Ah…the things we learn in knitting when something doesn’t work out quite like we thought it would. Just like life! How wonderful to be able to realize that no matter what you do, it just won’t work, and then let it go!


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