Favorite Thing Friday: Haikubes


While poking around the sale tables at Barnes & Noble, I found what is easily my favorite thing this week. Hiding under a stuffed animal with freakishly large eyes, I found a box of Haikubes for the bargain price of $12.


What are Haikubes? They are a set of 63 word cubes meant to inspire the writing of haikus (or any form of poetry). The words include most parts of speech and cover a wide range of language. Some words are what would be considered traditional haiku fare, like peace, whisper, and pebble, while others can only be classified as modern, like hmmmm, etc., and science. 

The interesting mix of words is part of what makes this an ultimate source of inspiration. Instead of being locked into one mode of thinking for haiku, Haikubes encourage a fresh take on an old tradition. Although, I do wonder what the syllable count would be for hmmmm!

The set even includes two “theme” cubes to further guide the writing process. As if the words aren’t enough, phrases like “A dream about,” “A vision for,” and “A regret about” are sure to trigger some creative word crafting.

All I have to do is roll the dice and get writing. Seeing all those words splayed across my table is like looking at a giant puzzle. As I search through the words, it’s like I’m solving a giant riddle. The words are just waiting for me to arrange them into something that makes sense.

If there’s any question about whether Haikubes actually work, see my post from Wednesday, Thunder.

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What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2014


14 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Haikubes

  1. OH my WORD!!!! I am putting this on my Christmas list and I don’t ever make Christmas lists but THIS is going on it! Thank you for sharing your awesome find…I’m so glad you moved the googly-eyed creature for this. :)!


  2. Rita Ackerman

    I’m so glad you found so much inspiration. You might just try writing about those googly eyes too.
    My favorite thing: old photographs. I sorted through some boxes yesterday and found some great “forgotten” treasures.


    • Those goggly eyes were downright frightening! I think I’ll work on forgetting they exist. 😉

      How fun to find forgotten photographs. I just found some treasures inside some old books that were left by my grandma. 🙂


  3. Rather ironic or coincidental that you would write about Haikubes since I just pulled my out a couple days ago. My parents gave them to me a few years ago, and I haven’t been very good about using them, but I’ve wanted to center myself lately and they can really dial down the outside noise. I love the ‘Bakelite’ feel of them. So chunky and pleasing to sort through. They are rather fun to have around.


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