Favorite Thing Friday: Hallow’s Eve


Perched on the navy blue sky, the stars look down and wonder why the trees are so lonely and the ground so dark.

Could it be because the leaves have bid adieu? For weeks bright orange, yellow, and red lit everything up with their happy cheer.

And how those friendly leaves loved to chatter with the breeze and the birds. They left a bit too early, the stars can’t help but think.

Moonlit Tree

The wind still talks with whistles and whispers, but no one answers except for the soft crackle of newborn frost.

Owls sit on barren black branches as a chill sinks into the night air. A crescent moon hangs with the stars, wearing a crooked smile this Hallow’s Eve.

Flurries float in the air catching the light of the moon. With winter’s first flight, the stars catch a ride and light up the ground.

– – –

Happy Halloween!

Every wonder where the traditions of Halloween originated? I wrote a post a few years ago that covers everything from costumes to pumpkins: Hallowed History. Enjoy!

– – –

c.b.w. 2014