Favorite Thing Friday: Let Me Out!


Simon’s Cat is at it, again! In this newest super cute video, Simon’s Cat reminds us it’s just easier to let the cat in and forget about having some alone time in the loo.


My cat once pulled an entire rug under the door in her quest to get me to open the door, so I found this episode especially funny. 😀

– – –

What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2014


10 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Let Me Out!

  1. I Love this!! We had a cat that used to put his soft little paws under the bathroom door and reach around blindly in search for the bathroom-ee. Fun!

    My favorite thing today…my sister’s on the way to have a cup of tea with me and she’s bringing me a new writing journal! There’re butterflies on it. ♥


  2. My favorite thing this week? That the Budgies don’t act like cats 😉 Hilarious video 🙂 My other favorite thing was the 1-1 draw between Wingate & Finchley and Margate in the pouring rain on Tuesday and I fully understabnd if you don’t fully understand 😉


  3. Ha, ha! I didn’t let the kitten watch this so he doesn’t get any ideas. 🙂 Seriously, though, there’s no way to get his attention like closing the door. I’ve seen some kitten paws under the bathroom door too.


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