Favorite Thing Friday: Fog


One day this week, I woke up to the oddest thing: Fog. I live in a desert, so the appearance of this thick white stuff really took me by surprise! Everything from shrubs, palm trees, and the sun were obscured in a haze that made my neighborhood look like a different planet.

I was so fascinated that the weather actually did something, I grabbed my camera and went on a little photography expedition through the mountain preserve across the street.

The fog was so thick, the mountain I normally see outside my window everyday was completely “gone.”


I swear there is usually a mountain in this view!

My running trail also fell under the spell of fog.


There’s usually a mountain in the distance, but not this time!

As I ventured further into the desert, the fog only got thicker. In some places, pockets of clear air sat inside thick walls of mist.


I literally could not see anything beyond what was in this shot!

Not even the sun could get through the blanket of fog!


It was another hour before the sun could finally poke through the fog.

I’m sure fog is a regular occurrence for many places, but it was a truly a remarkable event in Arizona. I love it when nature gives me a surprise, almost like an invitation to come outside and marvel in its wonder.

– – –

What’s your favorite thing this week?

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c.b.w. 2015



11 thoughts on “Favorite Thing Friday: Fog

  1. That’s beautiful! Fog only shows up around here during the cooler months, and it feels so magical. I love when it lays almost literally like a blanket a few feet above the ground, like it does in the clear, moist pastures.


  2. We’re near a creek bed, so I see a lot of what I like to call ‘fairy fog’, where there’s just a thin layer of it that hovers a few feet off the ground. When it permeates an area thick with trees, I always wonder if I’ll find my way into ‘fae’ territory if I explore it…

    Sadly, most of it is on private property when I see it, so I never have gotten the chance to explore. The downside of living close to the airport (besides the noise) is that all of the big, open fields are inaccessible.


  3. Wow, wow!! How cool, CB! Thank you, for sharing these mysterious and interesting images!

    Hmmm…my favorite thing this week…My new Yogi Tea…Lemon Ginger in my sage green mug with a spoonful of raw honey! 🙂 Yum.

    Doesn’t take much to please me. 😉

    Happy weekend to you!


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