What Remains


Broken glass
petals fray
Colored rose
fading gray

Tucked along
an old road
Crumbling walls
still hold on

Faith betrayed
by time’s hand
Aching stones
won’t let go




– – –

Photo: Remains of Winchester Palace, London, c.b.w. 2011
Words: c.b.w. 2015


7 thoughts on “What Remains

  1. I’ll echo Hannah’s comment above. “Aching stones” just really caught me! At first I misread it as “arching stones” but then when I read it correctly, it had a wonderful impact. 🙂


    • Thanks so much! Like I replied earlier, “aching stones” is a phrase I’ve often heard in my head when looking at these old structures. It’s exciting to see the phrase has so much resonance.


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