November Challenges: Week 1


First, let me apologize for how quiet it’s been a little quiet around here. I’m still adjusting to my new writing schedule for NaNoWriMo and the November PAD Challenge, which means my blogging schedule has been completely thrown out of whack.


My current word count stands at 4,093, which is slightly ahead of the target for my weekly goal of around 3,500 words. I missed two days of writing, but caught up on the weekend, (I figured this might happen!).

As the process unfolds, a few things have surprised me:

Apparently, I’m a pantser

Despite the fact that I have an almost complete outline and pages of notes I haven’t referenced them once. I’ve never pantsed a novel in my life, so this is shocking. My characters are just talking to me and I’m running with it.

Old Writing Has Found A New Home

It turns out a selection of pieces I wrote almost five years ago fit in perfectly with the storyline I’m piecing together for this novel. I had a poem that works as an opening quote and what was once a short story has been re-engineered into a prologue. Who knew I had these little gems hiding in my archives.

I’m fast.

I’ve alway classified myself as slow writer because I have the absolute need to go back and read over everything I wrote the day before. That sucks up a lot of writing time! With a schedule as tight as mine is, I realized I don’t have the luxury of appeasing my perfectionist tendencies. I just have to jump in and start writing. In a way, it’s liberating.

November PAD Challenge

I’ve haven’t missed a day! All poems will be posted on my other blog, Haiku Tree, starting this week.

Throughout November, poems will be a week behind the prompts posted on Poetic Asides, as I spend the week writing the poems and then I schedule them to post the following week. It’s just how my writing schedule shakes out!

– – –

How are your November writing challenges going?

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c.b.w. 2016