Autograph Ninja: Book Edition


It’s no secret that I love a good autograph (see The Autograph Ninja and The Autograph Ninja Strikes Again). I’ve collected signatures from actors, musicians, and authors over the years and apparently my friends have noticed. Most of the recent autographs I’ve acquired have been gifts and that makes them all the more special to me.

Last Christmas, a co-worker was my Secret Santa. She got me hooked on Outlander by giving me the first book in the series a few months before. I loved it and couldn’t wait to read the next book. I almost died when I opened my Christmas gift – it was a signed copy of Dragonfly in Amber. The funny thing is, I was her Secret Santa, too. I got her an Outlander coloring book!


One of the most sentimental autographs I’ve ever received came from a dear friend that passed away a few years ago. We shared a love of the Maisie Dobbs series and often read the newest release together. The last Christmas gift he gave me was signed copy of a title I was missing in my collection of the series, Pardonable Lies, (I borrowed it from him originally). It remains one of my most precious memories of him.

The same friend also gave me a signed copy of Hide Tide in Tucson by Barbara Kingsolver. He was a huge fan of Kingsolver and was pretty determined to convince me to read everything she’s ever written (I’m working on it!). He gave it to me shortly before he passed away. I like to think he knew I’d take care of it for him. He was right. I will.

Sometimes, I’m lucky enough to come across autographs on my own. I love how Barnes & Noble started offering signed editions of books around the holidays. I treated myself to a signed copy of Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I love her series, The Lunar Chronicles, so it was so exciting to snag a signed copy of her most recent novel.

The last and most recent autographs were gained the old fashioned way – I went to Phoenix Comicon and waited in line! The book is Q-Squared by Peter David. I bought it 23 years ago (with my first ever paycheck!) and always hoped I’d get Peter David to sign it as he is one of my favorite sci-fi writers. It turns out he was scheduled to be at Phoenix Comicon, along with the actor who plays Q on Star Trek: The Next Generation. I decided to have my book signed by both.

I struck gold with John de Lancie (Q). He turned out to be a pretty cool guy with a serious love of history. Once he found out I was a history teacher, we had a nice chat about books to read and the general scope of historical events.

Unfortunately, Peter David had to leave Comicon early due to a family emergency, but he did leave behind index cards with his autograph for fans to pick up. It’s too bad the autograph isn’t directly on my book, but I’ll take it nonetheless – it’s still his autograph!

While it’s always more fun to get autographs by meeting an author, it’s incredibly special to receive them as gifts as well. In many ways, a gifted autograph takes on all the more meaning as it came from someone who cared enough to give it to me.


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8 thoughts on “Autograph Ninja: Book Edition

  1. Rita Ackerman

    What wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing. I have my treasures too. I was just thinking the other night I need to clean out the shelves again and that I should gather all the signed books into one area. I’m glad you have those memories of your special friend too.


    • I’ve thought about grouping the signed books together, but it would totally mess up the system I already have in place (not that anyone understands the system, except for me)! I think this post along with the other Autograph Ninja posts will be my filing system!

      I think of him often, but its always nice to look up and see the books he gave me (there are others besides the signed ones – we were book buddies). There are letters from him tucked inside of them as well, so he’s never too far away.


  2. Any time I hear the name John de Lancie, the words “Oh puh-lease, mon capitaine!” come into my mind. I don’t know if he ever said that in STNG, but if he didn’t he ought to have done.


  3. I’m going to GenCon with the hubby for the first time this year. (His fourth.) I have autograph tickets for Mercedes Lackey and Patrick Rothfuss. I have Rothfuss’s signature already, but the book was given to me by friends from an event I couldn’t attend, so I’m excited to get a signature in person as well.
    Signatures are just fun. I love collecting them too. One of my favorites I’ve gotten in person is from Lisa See. Elizabeth Gilbert is another favorite. And the Barnes and Noble signed books rock! I just got my dad one of those from his favorite authors for Father’s Day. =)


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